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"When I first heard of DWA, I thought it was just a cool T shirt. Hanging around and following the guys has showed me that it is so much more. This is by far the truest way to give back to the BMX community. People may see a bunch of goons on little kids bikes, but those guys and those bikes have brought me some of the best friendships and to some of the coolest spots I've ever seen. Hell yeah I'm down with these diggaz."

                                                                                                                         - Curt Q

"DWA crew has been extremely supportive of our local jumps at CGBP. We couldn't be more pleased with the help throwing the jam last August, as well as raising money for us to keep our jumps buttered! I am stoked to see all the hard work Josh is doing actually pay off for trail spots in need!!!"

- Trevor Crawford, Dirt Specialist, CGBP

"Lets start with the radness of these guys, such great times in the woods and always trying to help with what they can. When things aren't going so well these rad dudes know how to help you out and make things rideso we all can be able to shred.Thanks again for being trueto the trail scene, you guys are boss."

- Mat Campbell, Bykes, Dinge Krew

"DWA is killing it! You guys should take over the internet and become the new official trails video site and network for the world community. It can be done and done right! Keep fighting the good fight!"

- Polish Pawel, Dr., Feelgood

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